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Explore the vast collection of paint by numbers Canada. We have painting kits for adults, kids, you can also get custom paint by numbers too. Enjoy painting and create the masterpiece of art.


Custom Painting Kit

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There is nothing good than creating your own painting. We design and convert any photo selected by you to a Paint by Number.


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Do you love creativity, working with colors, and love to see your imagination coming true? Paint by numbers is a healthy hobby that helps you learn new skills, keep your mind engaged, and makes you feel happy. Whether you are looking to create a professional piece of art or a complete beginner, we have got something for everyone. Paint by Numbers Canada offers the best painting kits with all the tools and instructions. You can get high-quality paint by numbers of kits for adults and kids as well.

According to one study, if an adult spends only 45minutes in a day on creative activities like painting can significantly reduce stress level and promote mindfulness. Painting is an art that soothes your nerves and allows you to work on your inner happiness. Select from our best acrylic paint by number kits for adults and discover the world of creativity. If you are non-creative, do not worry. Our kits will guide you and our experts are always available to help you.

Paint by number kits is the best gift you can give to anyone who loves creating their own art piece or someone who wants to learn painting. We have several different kits available in various designs, colors, and categories. We ensure we will surely find some heart-touching images for yourself or a gift. Our kits include everything from pre-prints to high-quality colors, instructions, and tools. Ready to give stunning look to your house with your creativity, Paint by Numbers has everything you will need. We offer drawing kits in various categories such as landscape painting, animal paintings, and maritime themes. Additionally, we provide custom painting kits as well that our experts especially create the designs to inspire you.



Don’t know the correct way to paint by numbers? don’t worry. Our experts are here to help you. These tips will help you save a lot of time and create an amazing piece of art.
Buy Kits with Frame: It is a good option to order a frame with your kits. Framed canvas is better because it stays tight and avoids creases when you work on it. Most of our painting kits have options to buy it with a frame.
Don’t use Clogged Brushes: Paint by Numbers kits usually come with acrylic paints. Because of the thick paint, sometimes it gets stuck to the brushes. Users can use nail polish thinner to clean the brushes. That can help in cleaning the brush as clogged paint comes out easily.
Start from the Top: This is another useful tip that can help you develop a clean smudge-free painting. Start painting from top to bottom. If you use the left hand, users can start from the top right corner. However, for right-handed people, you can start from the top left corner.
Keep Work Area Clean: Having a clean and large workplace for painting can enhance the quality of your work. You can cover the area with plastic sheets or old newspapers to avoid any stains. A clean and tidy place can increase focus.
Keep the Brushes Clean: It is recommended to clean the brushes every time you switch between the colours. Sometimes paint dries quickly, it can ruin the quality of your brushes. Keeping a wet towel handy is very helpful.
Do not Overdo: While painting, you do not need to use too much colour or repeat it too many times. Sometimes canvas does not absorb all the colours. Over-colouring can cause smudging that can ruin your painting.
Use Water: Using a little water can help you use colours easily. Acrylic paints are thick in consistency; it is recommended to use a few drops of water in the paint. Make a smooth consistency as needed and then create a painting.
Have fun: The most important thing to remember is to have fun while painting the canvas and it will help you relax. Try not to get frustrated and focus only on the moment when you would complete the painting and hang in on the wall of your home.

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