How to Display Your Finished Custom Diamond Painting at Home?

~Having finished with your custom diamond painting, are you now worried about displaying it? No worries; to hang it in your living space, you just need a frame to fix it and a place to display it. A well-crafted masterpiece is itself a compliment to you more than anything.

You spent hours meticulously placing each sparkling diamond onto your custom diamond painting kit, and now you have a dazzling piece of art that you’re proud of. The next step is to display your masterpiece in a way that showcases its beauty and the effort you put into creating it. Let us move further and understand how you can elegantly display your custom diamond painting at home.

  • Frame It

Framing is one of the most popular ways to display your custom diamond painting Canada. It not only protects your artwork but also adds a finished look that enhances its overall appearance.
  1. Pick a frame that complements the colors and style of your diamond painting.
  2. A simple, sleek frame can work well for most designs, while ornate frames might suit more elaborate artworks.
  3. Ensure your painting is completely flat. You can place it under a heavy book or use a rolling pin to smooth it out.
  4. Use acid-free tape or adhesive to mount your painting onto a backing board. This will keep it secure inside the frame.
  5. Place the mounted painting into the frame and secure the backing. Ensure the diamonds are facing outward and the glass or acrylic cover doesn’t press too hard on the diamonds, as this can cause them to shift or lose their sparkle.
  • Stretch It on a Canvas

Stretching your diamond painting on a canvas is another excellent way to display it. This method gives your artwork a modern, gallery-like appearance.
  1. Select a canvas that matches the size of your diamond painting kit Canada. You can purchase pre-stretched canvases or stretch your own.
  2. If you’re stretching your own, ensure the canvas is taut and securely attached to the frame.
  3. Use a strong adhesive, like double-sided tape or spray adhesive, to attach the diamond painting to the canvas. Start from one edge and gradually press down to avoid air bubbles and wrinkles.
  4. Fold the edges of the painting over the sides of the canvas and secure them with staples or adhesive.
    • Create a Wall Collage

    If you have multiple diamond paintings or other artwork, consider creating a wall collage. This is a fantastic way to make a bold statement and display your creativity.
    1. Lay your paintings on the floor and arrange them until you find a layout you like. Mix different sizes and shapes for visual interest.
    2. Mark the layout on your wall using painter’s tape or a pencil. Ensure your measurements are accurate to keep the collage balanced.
    3. Use picture hooks, nails, or adhesive strips to hang your diamond paintings. Start with the central piece and work your way outward.
      • Use an Easel

      For a flexible and movable display option, use an easel. This allows you to showcase your masterpiece in different locations around your home, as diamond painting is an amazing art form you can never miss out on.
      1. Select an easel that fits the size of your diamond painting. A tabletop easel works well for smaller pieces, while a floor easel is better for larger artworks.
      2. Ensure your painting is securely placed on the easel. You can use clips or adhesive to keep it in place if necessary.
      3. Place the easel in a well-lit area where your painting can catch the light and sparkle.
        • Incorporate into Furniture Design

        For a unique and functional display, consider incorporating your diamond painting into a piece of furniture.
        1. Select a piece of furniture, such as a coffee table or side table, with a glass top.
        2. Place your diamond painting under the glass top, ensuring it fits perfectly.
        3. Use adhesive strips or double-sided tape to keep the painting in place under the
        4. Now your diamond painting doubles as both art and a functional piece of furniture.

          Final Words

          Displaying your custom diamond painting at home is a wonderful way to enjoy and show off your hard work and creativity. Whether you choose to frame it, stretch it on canvas, create a wall collage, use an easel, or incorporate it into furniture, there are plenty of ways to make your artwork a stunning focal point in your home. So go ahead, choose the method that best suits your style, and let your custom paint by diamonds shine bright. So, why wait? Ensure to check for all the finest collections of paint by numbers as well from the store Paint with Numbers. Shop today for more deals. 

          Paint with Numbers wishes you a happy diamond painting!