How to Select the Best Acrylic Paint for Your Skill Level in Painting by Numbers?

~Choosing the best acrylic paint that effectively suits your practice of crafting will not just let you dwell in the process; indeed, you will unleash the hidden artist in you.

Painting by numbers is not just an enticing art form to be known; indeed, it is a creative craft that lets every art enthusiast dwell on the wonderful procedure of painting. This artistic method involves painting code-wise and accomplishing a beautiful masterpiece that can be cherished forever, which will be more fun when you choose the perfect acrylic paint type that suits your skill level. Now you might get a doubt that 'will acrylic paint boxes also be chosen skill-wise, and not all the paints are the same'? Obviously, yes, not every acrylic paint kit remains the same, as paint by numbers is a therapeutic crafting process curated skill-wise. Thus, choosing the suitable acrylic paint set is important. Thus, it is always suggested to get the best paint-by-numbers kit from an authentic store like Paint with Numbers. So with no further delay, let us understand the different types of acrylic paints in detail. 

  • Basic Acrylic Paint Set:

A Basic acrylic paint set is the most commonly used kit while practicing paint-by-numbers art. Usually, it is used by every beginner or by an art enthusiast who has painted as just a hobby. This paint set comes with a kit consisting of small tubes of colors, offering a good range for painting the full picture.

  • Student-Grade Acrylic Paint Set:

This student-friendly acrylic paint set is just an extended version of the basic acrylic paint set, offering detailed and intense vibrance in painting. Usually, this painting set is a bit expensive when compared to the basic acrylic paint set but is mostly used by artisans. 

  • Artistic Acrylic Paint Set:

The artist-grade acrylic paint set is a configured version providing superior color pigmentation, lightfastness, and brilliance. This type of paint set is specifically used by senior artisans and serious painters. Usually, an artist-garde acrylic paint set is expensive when compared to basic and student-grade acrylic paint sets, but it is definitely worth the investment.

  • Heavy Body Acrylic Paint Set:

A heavy-body acrylic paint set usually comes with a thick and buttery consistency, retaining the brush stroke and texture, which is specifically used in impasto techniques, where the process includes forming the layers of paint. It is preferred by artists who choose textured painting and is not at all recommended for beginners because of its viscosity.

  • Fluid Acrylic Paint Set:

The fluid acrylic paint set comes in a thinner consistency, like the flow of ink or watercolor. Thus, it forms smooth strokes of paint with a flow of water color on a detailed line. However, the fluid acrylic paint set is versatile and is suggested for every artisan of any skill level. 

Which type of acrylic paint set is best for you?

  1. For beginners: It is very easy to use a basic or student-grade acrylic paint set, as they are affordable, accessible, and have decent quality.
  2. For intermediate artists: Here, being an intermediate artist, you can happily go for the student-garde or artist-grade acrylic paint set as it offers better color intensity. 
  3. For every pro artist: Being a pro, you can go for an artist-grade acrylic paint set, as it has the highest quality, a vibrant look, and durable consistency.

However, you can just overcome this challenge by getting the painting kit from the best paint-by-numbers company, Paint with Numbers, as we offer products curated with qualitative quantity, so you can happily trust our products.

Final Words:

While choosing the best acrylic paint set for your skill level, always consider a few things like budget, consistency, and your end product of paint by numbers. Here, you might choose any type, including basic, student grade, artist grade, heavy body, and fluid acrylic paint sets. Everything has its own benefits for crafting and offers an effective texture for painting. So, this time, make sure to experiment with all the acrylic paint sets and unleash your unique creativity. Hurry up and pick your favorite custom paint by numbers and paint by numbers from the store Paint with Numbers. Shop today for more offers.

Paint with Numbers wishes you a happy painting time!