Every artisan feels it is a good idea to purchase a paint by numbers kit for the best practice of their craft. However, buying a kit for crafting is important, but there will always be a few things you need to consider before making the purchase. Like before buying a book, you check for the index page, author, a brief summary, price, and publisher to ensure that the book you bought will be useful in gaining notable information. In the same way, there are a few considerable things you need to make note of while making your purchase of a paint by numbers kit.

Furthermore, let us discuss the facts that should be noted prior to getting a paint by numbers kit from the store.


Paint by numbers art is in awe nowadays, and most art enthusiasts try choosing this craft as it involves them in a whole new world of creativity and fun. As a consequence, there is a rise in the purchase of this kit, which, on the other hand, has led many sources to offer paint by numbers kits. This has caused yet another round of confusion in choosing the best among many. Foremore, let us together understand the notable things that are to be considered.

Price Factor

However, paint by numbers artwork is especially known for its therapeutic essence, which effectively reduces your stress and calms you from all the unusual hustles of life while you are practicing it. But, here, the cost of the paint by numbers kit shouldn't again cause you stress, and thus this remains a prime factor when choosing a tool kit. So, while choosing a paint by numbers for adults, make sure that you are choosing from a source that offers it at the best possible price. On the other hand, ensure that you are getting a tool kit that is worth enough for the cost you are willing to pay.

Delivery and Packaging

When choosing a paint by numbers kit Canada, cross-verify the delivery and packaging terms of the store source. These days, many external sources have come into play with inappropriate delivery and packaging terms, resulting in a long delivery or damaged packaging. So, try selecting the source that serves every customer with the best terms, including on-time delivery within 5-7 business days and safe, secured packaging, further ensuring damage-free products reach home.

Tool Quality

So, it is always an open question to check the quality of tools while purchasing them, either online or offline. As always, you are carried away by the amusing paint photos that are represented on their advertisement portals, but the one you receive will be entirely different from the one you have seen before. So, here, to make a good purchase on quality tools, try considering the suggestions given by your neighborhood or family members, or also go through the reviews and feedback given by every existing customer who is already into this art practice. This could help you in choosing the best quality tool kit for paint by numbers.

Reliable Services

Don't ever try to ignore the services column of a store, as this is the main place where you might confront many issues that sometimes remain unresolved. Imagine the store owner is somewhere in another country, and you have ordered a paint by numbers kit from it. Definitely, you might either receive more than what you ordered or less than what you ordered, or sometimes you don't even receive your order. So who to reach in this scenario remains a puzzle. The only way to avoid this type of situation is by going through all the services, including product delivery, in detail and placing the order only when you are sure that your purchase with the store will be safe and that you will receive a good product.

Different Themes

While you are looking for the different themes, confirm one by considering your requirements. Also, in your requirements, make sure that you look at the purpose for the purchase, the space where you are going to add it, and the architecture of a place's or room's atmosphere. Don't just be fascinated by the alluring themes; indeed, check every theme as per your needs, as you would while shopping for your fashion wardrobe collection. This time, try being specific while choosing the theme and pick the one that suits your painting plan the most.

Canvas Shape and Size

Generally, every paint by numbers Canada comes in highly adaptable size dimensions like 40x50 cm, and yes, this might not be the perfect cutout of every cnavas from all the stores. Usually, it differs based on the store's respective product development and terms. However, there will be different types of paint by number canvas sizes, like landscape, panaromic, large formats, and multi-panel design wall arts. Thus, it is recommended to choose such suppliers who can deliver you genuine and authentic home decor that gives your space a mark of elegance.

Frame Bars

Usually, when you are making a purchase of a paint by numbers kit, you need to clearly check the offers provided by the suppliers to see whether they include a stretcher bar or not. While you are choosing it for home decor, you require a beautifully carved and adaptable frame that could enhance the vibrancy of your space. For this, you can just follow DIY and make one, or you can just leave it to the professionals, as they can craft it perfectly. However, if you have chosen a long format or a multi-panel paint by numbers, there are only a few sources to supply the same, and one of them is Paint with Numbers. Also, it is highly recommended to check for the details included in the offers while you are buying the tool kit.

Here, it is suggested to follow your inner expert voice while placing the purchase, as in this paint by numbers art, there are no beginners or experts; the only ones are craft enthusiasts. Just make sure that the tool kit is comprised of all the essential accessories, and also cross-check for quality by browsing through different reviews and feedback. When selecting a supplier, don't forget to explore their new products so that you can have a view of their extensive collections.


Okay, until now, you have come across the things to be considered while purchasing a paint by numbers kit, so let us know how this amazing crafty kit actually works. Every tool kit comes with a sample canvas, a coded canvas sheet, pre-numbered acrylic colors, and three different-sized paintbrushes. Although there are many paint by number kits available online, the type you choose always depends on your painting plan.Apart from this, you can also choose a custom paint by numbers kit that comes curated with a Canavas design of your favorite portrait and all other essential tools that help in crafting the outcome. Usually, a custom paint by numbers kit remains the ultimate way to unleash art passion while painting your own favorite picture. Also, this incredible tool kit comes at an affordable price, which you can grab from Paint with Numbers at more enticing deals. 

Final Words

Paint by numbers is such an alluring art that involves painting pre-coded colors on a pre-numbered canvas sheet. Specifically, while choosing this paint by numbers for adults and kids, make sure that you follow all the things mentioned, and here, while chosen for children, you can give them different sources to color, including crayons, watercolors, and paints; this totally depends on the child's choice.  However, this information provided here is not to defame any other store sources of paint by numbers, but rather to make you aware of the tactful things that should be considered while placing your order for paint by numbers Canada.